Watched not being set automatically at end of recording
Now that the issues with total time > 1 hour and skipping forward are solved in 5.8.14, I've noticed that after watching a recording in Kodi18 beta 4 no longer automatically sets the watched flag. Is anyone else seeing this? Trying to determine if this is a kodi/pvr bug or a pvr.mythtv bug.
I have noticed that, but not reported it anywhere.  I did report that it is not bookmarking the position when exiting a recording.  That one appears to be kodi related.  Maybe they are linked?
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Noticed the other thread today and yeah, I’d think they’re both symptoms of the same problem.
I tested the addon with the API for GetStreamTime disabled, returning PVR_ERROR_REJECTED as the addon version 5.8.8 done. With this hack bookmarks and watched status work again. but obviously recording being recording no longer update end time ...
The API is funky: if you want to handle bookmark you lose other feature !

EDIT: seems the right "logic" for recording isn't implemented in the addon again. I will review that soon.
Fixed in 5.8.19
Thanks janbar! I rebuilt pvr.mythtv with version 5.8.19 and the saved position and watched flags are working correctly again.

Anyone that is running Kodi 18 on arm32 can download the package I built at
I can also confirm that this is now working for me with 5.8.19 in Linux (Kodi 18 beta 5).
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Watched not being set automatically at end of recording00