No stereo upmix with dual outputs
Hey people. I have two types of amps connected to Kodi: a 5.1 set for watching movies (hdmi) and an analog set (jack) for when the tv is off.

Everytng is working fine, except for one thing.

I noticed that upmixing to stereo doesn't work when I'm using dual output. When I change the output to just hdmi, it upmixes fine.

I realise I might be asking too much of my Pi and it's not a biggy anyways, but I'm still wondering if there's something I can do to change it.

And yes, I realise I just typed all of that to avoid pushing a button once in a while. 😎
I'd be interested into how to acheive this with a generic libreelec linux install, on a raspberry pi you are given the option of dual outputs but it doesnt seem to exist in any other build.
I actually managed to solve this by accident. I did a reinstallation of osmc on a usb-stick instead of on an sd card. Everything works now, dual output and downmixing.
Unfortunately a reboot broke it. Oh well.
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No stereo upmix with dual outputs00