Requesting Kannada (kn) language for translation
Hey there!

I would like to translate Kodi to Kannada language but not able to request it on Transifex. When I click on Request language, it says 'Reqested language' for Kannada (kn) as shown below. I request someone to help me in adding Kannada to Kodi so that I can start translating it. Thank you!

@alanwww1 - please help!

Thank you Smile
Thank you for adding Kannada (India) (kn_IN) to KODI Main on transifex. Not sure who has added it since @alanwww1 seem to be offline for quite some time. Anyways, thanks for adding and I request the same for KODI Skins and KODI Addons too.
Hi @Klojum, can you or anyone from KODI please add me to the Kannada team on Transifex. I have already clicked on Join team button few days ago and I see that I'm not part of the team yet to start the translation. Thank you!
@knko , you should be good to go now. Mentioning your Transifex user name would've helped as it differs from your forum user name. Smile
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