zoom in effect and hopefully zoom out
i have applied an animation effect to a widget.  
it is the animation example for zoom taken from kodi wiki.  

<animation effect="zoom" end="120" center="360,288" time="200">Focus</animation>  
so when i focus on the widget it zooms in - but when i come off the widget the zoom effect is still applied to the widget, is there a way/method so when i come off the widget the widget goes back to the way it was, prior to the effect.  
any help much appreciated.
hi - and thanks for the reply - could you give a little more insight/info please, i get where your going with UnFocus but im a little unsure on how to implement it.
<animation effect="zoom" start="100" end="120" center="360,288" time="200">Focus</animation>
<animation effect="zoom" start="120" end="100" center="360,288" time="200">UnFocus</animation>
thanks - your a star
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zoom in effect and hopefully zoom out00