Feature Request: Warn when changing channel when on timeshift.
The way we watch tv here (small kids) is that we pause Live TV whenever someone is hungry, someone is done on the toilet, someone is cryingt etc etc....Then we go back and sit down and continue watching. However. Then comes the commercial break. And we start to go through channels, not remembering that we actually were timeshifting. Meaning when we get back to the original channel X number of minutes is missed. Our old STB presented a warning when changing channel and timeshift was active so a confirmation was needed.

Havent found any solution for this using Kodi PVR clients. I am guessing this can be handled by Kodi Live TV PVR and not the add-on it self?

Running Kodi on multiple clients (both testing @Milhouse's Leia and also 17.6). Live TV add-on is pvr.hts (TV Headend) using latest stable build of TvHeadend as a backend server....
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Feature Request: Warn when changing channel when on timeshift.00