Kodi 18 beta5 Android, Can't timeshift active recording
I've tested the new Version for some time now and I'm still not satisfied, In recordings you are able to navigate, that's fixed, Great. But everything is way to slow. Live TV of HDTV channels simply is impossible as the only thing you see is "Buffering xx%". SDTV mostly works but navigation still is extremely slow inside the addon. Aside this you can't play HDTV recordings (h264, 720p) via the PVR addon  without a massive amount of stutter... If I play those recordings in "Videos" they are playing fine. SD recordings (Mpeg2, 576i) are more or less playing OK...
My hardware configuration is... TV Box AMLogic S912 Octa Core with 2 GByte Ram and 16+32 GByte Storage on Android 7.1 with Kodi 18 RC4 as client. The TV server is an Intel Celeron J1900 with 8 GByte Ram and SSD, running on Windows 10 with MediaPortal 2.2 Final. All GBit wired lan.
I've tested NextPVR that delivers perfect Live TV in HD and SD (but did not do recordings as I need, no alternative to MP). So it's no hardware issue and even no issue of Kodi 18, MP2.2 itself also is working as it should (but not possible on the TV Box). It must be caused by the MediaPortal PVR addon (or the TvServerKodi plugin for MP2.2). Can't imagine anything else.

If I can help by e.g. testing anything, I'm more than willing to do so.
I don't understand at all the performance issues that you are seeing. What happens if you play a recording directly from the recording share (e.g. add your recordings share in the video section)? The addon itself is only marginally involved in the playback.
Could you also share a kodi debug log? Maybe that would reveal more clues?

I can confirm the skin issues that you are seeing under Transparency!. This will be fixed in the next (v.3.5.16) plugin update.
Developer of the MediaPortal PVR addon and retired developer of the Argus-TV PVR-addon.
(2019-01-12, 21:34)margro Wrote: What happens if you play a recording directly from the recording share (e.g. add your recordings share in the video section)? The addon itself is only marginally involved in the playback.
Then all is fine. All recordings are ok and can be played without issues from within the videos section. Indeed this is the way I watched recordings lately. It's only inside the TV section where the performance issues appear... The issue isn't limited to playback, even the navigation and scrolling of text (e.g. in EPG) inside the TV section is stuttering and nearly unusable... 

Since I went back to Kodi 17.6 (with the PVR addon that came with 17.6) all is fine again, Live TV and Recordings are working as they should. The TVServerKodi plugin (most recent version) hasn't changed between my latest tries with 18 and now 17.6. So we can limit the search to the Kodi addon imho... 
Could last a day or two (need to find free time to re-install 18 first), but I will provide debug logs to help nailing this issue down asap.
I now was able to upgrade to 18 RC5.2 and at very first glance it looks better a lot than with RC4. Especially the recordings are playing much better (also not perfect) than before. But LiveTV (HD) still has lots and lots of buffering, freezing and even sometimes it stops completely. Aside this the navigation inside .e.g the EPG or scrolling of too long texts still is not smooth and fluid enough. Lots of stutter and (very long) delayed reaction of key presses. 

Another thing, for testing I've started a HDTV recording from inside Kodi as I recently didn't had any laying around. But the new Recording did not show up under "Rercordings". I need to restart Kodi to have it shown... Don't think this is a desired behavior. 

As the Logs are too big for paste.kodi.tv I've zipped and uploaded them to my website. Here is the link:

If you need me more to test, give me a call... 

One thing probably to mention. Also my TV Box has an ARMV8 x64 compatible CPU (AMLogic S912) the apk don't want to install the x64 version of Kodi. I need to use the x32 ARMV7 version (that installs and runs nicely)...
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