Solved Compilation of binary addons in Linux
@zachmorris Garbear said it all. Just some comments:

a) You have to ensure the ABI of Kodi and Retroplayer cores is the same. If you used same version of gcc to compile everything then you are good. In any case, the ABI is not changed frequently so this is a lesser issue.

b) If Kodi is compiled with version X.Y of library Z and the core with version X.M (cores are statically linked) there could be issues if the library changes a lot. I am not a complete expert, but I guess most cores use only libc or not even libc, so this should not be a problem.

c) For OpenGL cores, if Kodi OpenGL version is different of the OpenGL version statically linked to the core there could be issues as well. RP does not support OpenGL, so this should not be an issue for now.

I usually use Retroarch with Linux Debian (laptop) or Ubuntu (HTPC) and use the online updater to download the binary cores compiled with the RA bot. Some time ago I had issues with b) which I solved compiling the cores myself on the same computer I compile Retroarch. This was like a couple of years ago and no issues since then.
Thanks @Wintermute0110 and @garbear,

Using your hints and the existing kodi-game-scripting stuff on github, I was able to throw something together to build game addons from the buildbot. I have started a repository here and I'm currently testing it out (currently only includes a handful of cores for OSX, Windows and Linux x86_64), but I've got a script that will build addons for all the platforms I think are possible with Kodi and the libretro buildbot. Build of all of them took maybe 5 minutes (most time required was just downloading the latest cores).

Most every core seems to work as you suggested and a few don't likely for the compiling incompatibility reasons you mentioned. I only tested the OSX built addons, but linux users could try installing by zip the addons in the linux folder of the repo above. I'll keep working on this script to get it a little more robust, but it seems like a reasonably good way to generate kodi game addons.

Here's a few examples I've tried that work:
Flycast WinCE
MAME (latest)
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Thank you for the repo, it works fine in qnap ts251+ with kodi leia 18.3 Qts 4.4.1... and hd_station 4.0.3. 
you did a great job man.
Thank you.👍👍😄
@zachmorris another +1 for your outstanding job. With both the repo and IAGL. This is going to help scores of linux users that had trouble going through the hassle of manually building each addon, which was hit and miss for most of us. This will also give us access to the latest and greates libretro fixes in a much speedier manner.

@Wintermute0110 thank you for the recommendation to disable game 'rewinding' to increase performance - huge difference!
Let me start by saying thank you, it's great there is something to simplify the installation process for us Linux users.

...I can't seem to get this thing to work. The compilation process of game.libretro fails with fatal errors because it's missing files: kodi_game_types.h & libXMBC_addon.h can't be found.

Can anyone please help?

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