Noob looking for a good XML tutorial
I might be rather new to skinning, but I'm going to go out on a limb and assume it doesn't matter what skin you're using, you will be modifying .xml files to make your build. I need a really good tutorial on xml's. I've done some minor changes to myvideonav and advancedsettings, but I want to learn more. 

For example, I'm using Xonfluence for my build. I would like to alter a setting located on a sideblade from a particular window. I want to learn the commands so I can read the call from that window to the sideblade, and where the sideblade's .xml file is located so I can modify it. 

Yes, I mentioned a particular skin in this thread, but I would assume that xml's work pretty much the same in all skins. I already have the official Kodi wiki page book marked and a separate bookmark directly to the skinning section. Yet, I haven't figure out where it describes how to create a sideblade. I have read how to make a simple .xml that creates a window, but I'm unsure how or where to test this, as I'm a firm believer in hands on learning. 

I don't wish for someone to do the work for me. If that was the case I'd install some one else's build and not be bothered learning all this. So any suggestions for reading or perhaps a video tutorial would be greatly appreciated.
Hopefully this will help you modify your skin to your liking:

And a bit more advanced with examples to boot:

PS:The term 'build' is frown upon on this site because of its association to dodgy addons.
Good luck!
Always search the forum before posting. Read/follow the forum rules (wiki).
I really appreciate the links! I'll look at them ASAP. I will also avoid that use of that term you mentioned.... Thanks for the heads up.
The tutorial has been designed in such a way that the beginners can easily Learn XML, which help them understand basic concepts about XML, advanced concepts for XML and tools for XML. By studying this tutorial you can take the level of your skills and expertise up.
look at the Includes.xml for the 'SideBladeLeft'  - you could copy the Control block - and add it to the home.xml - so you get the blade on the homescreen - once you found the block it shouldnt be to difficult for you to work out what you want to mod.  
xonfluence is a great skin i mod it myself and pretty easy for peeps to get their heads around the code
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