v17 Some albums are missing in Kodi
Sorry it is not easy for you to spot the rogue files.

  • Use latest version of Picard for sure
  • Set to use ID3 v2.4 format tags
  • Remove existing tags (to clear the corruption), but note you will need to set genre again not a tag Picard sets by default
  • The one addition to the standard settings is to also get it to set the ALBUMARTISTS tag needed to support albums with multiple album artist, sadly it does not do that by default. To achieve that modiy the script settings (in Picard), found under Options>Options>Advanced>Scripting, add $setmulti(albumartists,%_albumartists%)

That last point will help the few collaboration albums "Double Vision", "Cool", "Wrong Way Up", "Hold on Tight"  and "Strange Fruit". The classical albums (also collaborations i.e. with more than one album artist) "Concertos for Clarinet, Oboe and Bassoon", "LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN - Symphony No. 5 in C minor,  opus 67 /digital remaster/", "LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN - Symphony No. 9 in D minor, opus 125 /digital remaster/" will also benefit from proper tagging.

Lots of your tagging is fine so it should be quick and easy to run through Picard.  You have 504 albums that have not been tagged with Picard before (no mbids), these may take some more effort. But mbids are not essential, they just make scraping additional art and info for albums and artists faster and more accurate. Taking a quick look at the db entries for them they generally look OK - maybe a few with multiple artists with "/" (no spaces) or "&" or "feat." could be solved by adding an ARTISTS tag to identify each separately or for " feat. " adding <artistspearator> to advancedsettings.xml before scanning.

I do encourage users to improve their tagging to improve their music library experience, but I think all you really need is to identify the faulty file(s). Perhaps I can help a bit more, provide me with a new MyMusic60.db produced by scanning a fresh to an empty library (assuming you have removed or retagged the files we know were faulty) and I'll see what I can spot.

Of course using Leia v18 would make an even better job of scanning and scraping Smile
> Remove existing tags (to clear the corruption), but note you will need to set genre again not a tag Picard sets by default

Yeah it's missing. How can that be done? I don't really need it though.

We started re-tagging all files. I prefer to look at them again to ensure they're right (and in 2.4 Smile )

The tip about multiple album artist is amazing. I wish i knew that one before... working perfectly!! :-)
I find genre useful - it is one way to start splitting up a large music collection into manageable/browsable chunks. You can manually add the genre tag in Picard using "Add new tag" on the context menu from right click on the right hand list of new values. Select all the tracks and add tag to all of them. You can also do it in Mp3tag, I sometimes find that easier. I use both tagging tools in combination depending on what I am doing.

Ah glad you have the multiple album or song artist tagging working - ARTISTS and ALBUMARTISTS - it also works without mbid tags. Not strictly part of the ID3 standard, but becoming more a community norm via Musicbrainz Picard.

Happy listening at the end of all this. Smile
Lol, thanks for helping!!
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