v18 -  ADDONCREATOR macro from AddonBase.h - error with toKodi, toAddon
I'm attempting to use the ADDONCREATOR macro from AddonBase.h and get a crash in the constructor of the parent class CAddonBase.  The macro saves off the handle as a pointer to AddonGlobalInterface, but the pointer values for toKodi and toAddon are not reasonable:

(gdb) p CAddonBase::m_interface
$1 = (AddonGlobalInterface *) 0x7fffa0008d30
(gdb) p *CAddonBase::m_interface
$3 = {libBasePath = 0x7fffa0009320 "/data/A19D1011219001385/matt/Dev/Kodi-Dev/xbmc/kodi-build/addons/", firstKodiInstance = 0x7fffa00031b0, addonBase = 0x10d65e0 <ADDON::CAddonInterfaces::AddOnLib_RegisterMe(void*)>, 
  globalSingleInstance = 0x10d6650 <ADDON::CAddonInterfaces::AddOnLib_UnRegisterMe(void*, void*)>, toKodi = 0x30, toAddon = 0x34}

What am I doing wrong?
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ADDONCREATOR macro from AddonBase.h - error with toKodi, toAddon00