Help setting up no internet movie server
Big dummy here, so I moved to rural area with next to no internet connectivity. My kids can’t play fortnight and I doubt I could stream an episode of the Andy Griffin show with out constant buffering.

But I have my movie collection ripped to my Netgear NAS!

I’d like to do a “home” server to access the movie collection from a couple TVs throughout the house.

Can I hook the NAS to a router and push that to maybe Amazon fire TVs with Kodi and no internet connection? Amazon fire TVs are on sale now for 60 bucks with Ethernet adaptor.

All the files are ISO. Thanks
Yes you can, although you will have to use file mode in Kodi and you won't have metadata, as getting the metadata requires internet access (to reach the scraper databases that store it), and library mode also requires such data.

But you can set the NAS up as a source for your media, and then play it directly through Kodi (or indeed any other media player you may wish to use).
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To get the metadata you can create fake files that have the same names as your movies then take a laptop to somewhere with internet and scrape all of movies then export the data and copy that data over to your NAS
'Next to no' internet connectivity  as described in the OP would be plenty for scraping metadata.
Sweet guys! I appreciate it! I have a nighthawk pushing out enough internet for scrapping, just have to figure it out!
In that case you can just use Kodi normally. Unless you're actively doing something like streaming, the internet usage Kodi makes is minimal.

I'd taken your "next to no internet connectivity" as meaning unreliable or basically none, but if it's there but slow it will work but may take a while depending on how big your library is.
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I'm not sure how FireTVs and FireSticks behave these days, but back in the days when I had a FireTV1 it basically became a brick without internet connection since it didn't even move on to the home screen so that I could start KODI or any other offline app. Maybe that changed by now with newer FireOS versions.
Yes that what I’m worried about, I have an old fire tv and can try it. Maybe for $60 it’s worth trying the newest version.

I also have a nvidia shield, is there any suggestions for something better?
Also happy thanksgiving!
I would suggest something like tiny media manager for the scraping, then let Kodi read the nfo files locally
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(2018-11-21, 23:56)trogggy Wrote: 'Next to no' internet connectivity  as described in the OP would be plenty for scraping metadata.
 Yeah, so long as there's SOME internet, you cans scrape the metadata and you only need it when adding NEW data afterall.  I rather like that if my internet is offline or I'm just doing work on my PFSense box that puts me offline, the server is running and I can play any media that's already scraped just fine.  Sure Medusa won't pull in any NEW stuff but I still have some 12000 hrs of TV available. Tongue
Great info guys, thanks. I don’t mind slow internet as long as I can watch my old movies and look at the old movie posters. I seriously can go through my collection just looking at movie posters for hours. Drives my wife nuts.
New question. So I was able to ATT fixed wireless and hooked up an orbi router system to my RG with NAS attached.

I was able to download Kodi onto a 4K fire stick from off my hotspot. For some reason the fire stick not my smart tv likes the fixed wireless?! But that a whole mother issue dealing with closed NAT... whatever that means.

I’m still able to get access to my movies when I sign onto the orbi network. But it will not connect to the internet for my movie poster scraping....ughhhhh

Can I scan my library on the orbi network and then switch to the hotspot and scrap only? Can’t figure out how to do that.

Figured it out. Had to put the Orbi in AP mode, whatever that is. I have my movie wall and all in good!
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