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I'd like to request a feature where in a movie set all movies belonging to the set are listed and the ones which are actually in the local collection are highlighted. Additional icing on the top would be if a linked TV show could somehow also appear in the set.
In a roundabout way, this already exists. The context menu already includes a item to link a movie to a TV show and that shows up in the TV series (not vice versa atm). I should mention 'sets' stands for boxed sets as described in the scraper meta-data, although you can manually add/subtract other items, I suggest creating library folders this way is a long hard work-round of the Kodi library system and in the end, will cause you more effort than needed when adding new titles.

Smart playlists (wiki) are interesting way of handling all of this; might start off as a bit more effort, but in the end will automate new adds. Let's say you create a SPL for Batman and want extras etc all in, you might have a folder with only Batman, or allow the SPL to have a rule that not only selects Batman as a folder, but includes the set Batman + animated Batman, then when you open that SPL you will see various Batman sets, but will include those videos that are outside the set.
Only when someone answers does one often realize there's more than one way to understand something. When I say "movie set" I am referring to a group of movies which are linked by a common theme or topic and are presented as a collection.

So, to give an example, the "Alien Collection" on tmdb comprises 4 movies and I'd love to see all of them in the overview, highlighting those which are actually in the local library.

I am aware that linking TV shows with movies is already possible, again, the request is to include those shows in a collection overview.

Sorry for any confusion.
You are after the movie version of this... 113370 (thread)
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In the broadest of senses, yes. For TV shows however, you know beforehand how many episodes belong in a season. For movie collections, sometimes I only know that a certain movie is part of such a collection but not which other movies are. That info is only available from the info site where the collection is maintained.
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