Choppy UI navigation in Recordings submenu with Kodi 18 RC1 (and earlier betas)
I have been using Kodi 18 beta versions (and now RC1) on multiple PCs. While the Live TV functionality in general has improved, the recordings list navigation badly stutters. I have about 2900 recorded WTV files, and I use the folder option in the side menu (Estuary), so all recordings of one series are grouped under a folder. Even with organizing these groups, I'd still have close to 100 items in the list. The interesting thing is that there is absolutely no issue going through that list of folders, and the navigation is completely smooth. However once you open a series folder, and even if it has one or two recordings, the navigation/UI badly stutters, and the background Kodi tasks slow down substantially. It feels like that Kodi is still going through 2900 recordings, even if that particular folder has only one or two. As soon as you hit back button, and go back to the Recordings list organized in folders, the UI goes smooth again.

The video play itself has no issues at all. The recordings play super smooth and the FW/REW functions work perfectly fine.

Kodi Live TV UI overall behavior is much different. In Kodi 17, the UI navigation was smooth all the time, however when a large recording file stopped playing, there was a big pause in the UI, where it would be completely non-responsive. Deleting a recording would bring even bigger pause. My 2900 or so recordings are in a media server, and the Kodi client seemed to build recording list, every time a big recording was stopped, or deleted. There was no UI stutter other than those several second long pauses. Kodi 18 doesn't have those pauses, and recordings are deleted instantly. However the UI navigation has huge stutters, in the series folders. Even if you start Kodi, and don't play (or delete) a Live TV recording, the series folder navigation is still choppy.

It definitely has something to do with my obscenely large number of WMC recordings. Just wanted to mention a huge difference between Kodi 17 and 18 in this regard.
If this is what I believe it is, ksooo has already fixed it for Leia RC2.  The UI was asking for the last played position for recordings in a fairly tight loop, ksooo's change prevents it from asking for the same information more than once every 10 seconds.  Try RC2 and see if you continue to see the issue.
Yes, I fixed this for RC2.
Kodi 18 RC2 has fixed the issue. There's still a slight stutter, where if I scroll through a list of 100 recordings, there is a minor UI choppiness every 30 recordings or so, but that's fine. UI remains responsive, and the right click context menus appear instantly. Recordings are deleted instantly as well (unlike Kodi 17) and the UI control comes back right away.

It's great! Thank you for fixing the issue.
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Choppy UI navigation in Recordings submenu with Kodi 18 RC1 (and earlier betas)00