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Hi, I (together with a friend) am the developer of Mia - The Kodi Remote. We just released version two and have set up a roadmap for what is coming next.

With Mia we just hope to get the most out of iOS for a great Kodi experience, and incrementally add more nifty features. We also have a reddit page to post our updates and get feedback or feature requests, but it seems logical to also discuss Mia here.

For any issues, requests, comments, or general thoughts let me know here!


Appstore link (including screenshots)
Reddit page


Mia’s Roadmap overview

With version 2 of Mia just released, we introduced the start of a new design. To give you an idea of what the two of us are working on next, we provide this general roadmap we have set for ourselves.
The following general roadmap is based on logical steps needed for each new feature and has taken your requests into account. This roadmap is more of a guideline for ourselves than written in stone.

1: Big cleanup
We start with a big cleanup. Expect Mia first to receive performance and design improvements. A new remote improving usability and support for more screen-sizes. More consistent design elements, and some bug fixes. We use this cleanup to drastically reduce the complexity for us to add new features we have in mind, the first redesign update was already a big step forward to this goal.
We might divide this part in more than one update, to receive some intermediate feedback and provide bug fixes faster.

2: iPad
With all the mayor changes from the big cleanup fase, we want to fully focus on iPad support.

3: New features
After the iPad support release we will implement some new features that came by requests or we always wanted to implement ourselves. Think of some minor features like the ability to select more power options for Kodi, select a starting screen for Mia. Some larger features are also in our mind, but we leave those as a surprise.

4: Local playback
This is something we wanted to add since the start, but we are still exploring the best options to do this. We can’t promise this feature will actually work, but I can tell that we have made the first steps and a working prototype….

As a final remark, I would like to add that there are some features unmentioned but not forgotten. For instance, support for the Apple Watch is something we will definitely add, but currently has a lower priority due to the current lack of an Apple Watch to test and work with.
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