Xbox one can't show Live or Recorded TV
I have a Kodi / ServerWMC (on Win 7) system set up and working very well using RPi clients and a Win10 client.  I just recently got an Xbox One X and tried installing Kodi.  At first I was getting messages during Kodi startup that Recorded TV folder cannot be accessed.  I tried installing the Kodi SMB add-on, the message went away but still couldn't access the videos.  I can see and play the recorded tv videos through Videos>Files though.  I changed the ServerWMC address from a computer name to the IP address without any change.

Any ideas?

I've previously tried installing Kodi on an Android tablet and had similar results but I know that tablet does not support MPeg2 and my tuner is a HDHomeRun Prime.  The streams are sent and recorded in Mpeg2 as far as I can tell.  I don't have logs from that setup - I'll try that in the future if the Xbox can be fixed.

Log files:
ServerWMC log file [8.3MB - way too large for pastebin/wastebin]:!II5AXSAC!BGfyZe2GgCrNx...vI5Vghoqj4
Xbox Kodi log file: razuzizuqu (paste)

{edit: changed "SMC" to "SMB", it's the Samba add-on to Kodi}
Never mind, I've decided to return the Xbox.  it was by far the best deal I've ever seen on the Xbox, so it was worth trying it, but if it can't work as a Kodi client it's not worth it to me.  I've tried every Xbox/Kodi suggestion I could find in these forums and elsewhere, never could get it to play live or recorded tv.
I too run Win7, TunerSalad, ServerWMC, 2 HDHR Prime with Kodi/RPi clients on all my TV's. Best thing since sliced bread.

Channel Icons & EPG are great, scratched my head a few times setting up Channel/Group Manager.

On Android you can use HDHR app to view live TV,  SMB app for watching recordings.

You could've configured Plex on ServerWMC, and installed Plex on xbox.
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