Save more positions (songs) to one single video file (e.g. music gig)
Hello, there,

I have several video files of music concerts, with a duration of about 3 hours.

I would love it, if there was the possibility to save several positions for one video file in the playlist.  So one for each song.

With this you can then jump to special songs in a playlist or via the search directly across all concerts.

Thanks a lot!
Perhaps using bookmarks is a solution for you:
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this sounds good thank you!

Are they also able to give an name and are searchable?

Imagine i have 15 videos with a gig with each about 30 songs. So it would really be cool if you can "name" each bookmark and search for it e.g. "knocking" für G'N'R's song knocking on heavens door.
Kodi has something called "episode bookmarks" that sort of does what you want, but it is only available for TV Shows.   I have thought that it would be nice for the concept to be generalized to allow bookmarks/chapters to be shown in media lists.  Currently for other than episode bookmarks, you can only see them when the media is playing.  You could, though, call your concerts "tvshows" and make each track an "episode" and use the episode bookmarks that way.  You would need to construct your nfo files yourself to make this work.

Another idea I played around with is using CUE sheet files and playing media via the music window instead of the videos window.  That sort of works, but you can start playback at a time using the cue sheet and it will play to end-of-file, not stop at the time of the next track.  Yet another idea is to use EDL files but I have never looked into this to see how it might actually be implemented in Kodi.

scott s.
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Save more positions (songs) to one single video file (e.g. music gig)00