Error during kodi compilation in Ubuntu
I am manually compiling xbmc 17.6 krypton on a Ubuntu 18.04 Server OS. After running bootstrap successfully, when i run ./configure, it asks for some dependencies but I am stuck at this error and can't find anything about this anywhere. Please help..The error is as follows:

./configure: line 22931: syntax error near unexpected token `LIBCURL,'
./configure: line 22931: `PKG_CHECK_MODULES(LIBCURL, libcurl,, as_fn_error $? "libcurl not found" "$LINENO" 5)'

I have downloaded the fresh xbmc source code from git.
did you read and follow the docs that are included with the source code? (hint: docs folder)
yes i taking the help of that only but couldn't find a solution
my ubuntu version is 18.04 which is almost latest (superseded only by 18.10)
and i am not using the stable ppa repository as i need a lit of all dependencies which are to be installed for compiling kodi
any reason you want to compile yourself? We provide builds in our PPAs for a reason.
Actually i will be experimenting with some changes in the source code so i was compiling it manually. I need to know all the dependencies and procedure and which has to be done to compile kodi.
Your help will be highly appreciated.
that is all listed in the readme. It's literally copy/paste
I initially did that only but the thing was that some packages given in the readme file were not getting installed in Ubuntu, so i had to add universe after the line in sources.list and all the remaining packages were installed. 
The issue is resolved now. Thanks!!

You may add this to your readme files also!!
Feel free to PR it at the Kodi Krypton branch if you find something.

I highly guess we don't add anything to that branch anymore as noone is working on Kodi Krypton anymore. The docs are updated for Kodi 18, btw. Compiling Kodi 18 following those instructions works 100% fine for me while using Ubuntu 18.04.
okay..i'll try it then
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Error during kodi compilation in Ubuntu00
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