Setting up SMB or NFS on mac
(2019-07-21, 05:12)VonMagnum Wrote:
(2018-11-30, 23:29)Klojum Wrote: SMB v2 by default requires full user credentials, meaning name and a password. It is best to use the "Add a network location..." option when creating a video/music source. No idea if SMB v1 or v2 is used ni MacOS X.

NFS is a different animal from SMB, I don't know if MacOS X has default support for it, or that you even installed an NFS server already.

Mac Mojave has support for all versions of SMB (1,2,3).  It defaults to 3 and with Leia I have it set to force SMB3 as minimum.  You do not need name/password to work with KODI.  You do have to add location based on the network address (net bios style browsing has never worked with Apple's SMB here, only the older Samba from Mountain Lion and before).  Once you add the network location, you can use that to add as many of the drives/shares set up in the "sharing" preference pane in macOS.  Those drives do need to be set there to be read enabled for "everyone" to work and some media files can get set by some programs to not allow everyone to read them (that's easily set in the media drive a whole folder or even drive at a time with Finder for permissions for read only access).  Everything then works as expected save for a music glitch (described below).

And yes, macOS does have and still has NFS installed (possibly part of their UNIX certification as they seem to carry a lot of stuff they don't offer via GUI), but to get it to work with KODI, the SIP security integrity protocol so you can edit the files need to add -boot to the configuration file (actually Mojave seemed to remove my config file period, but I copied it back over from El Capitan and it worked fine). 

The issue I keep having is that playing music from KODI (whether Krypton 17.6 with SMB1 or 18.3 Leia with SMB3) over the network share results in a "skip" every so many songs for reasons unknown.  It even locked up through one song until its time was up for the next one tonight.  I need to do more testing with Windows 10 that I recently installed as an alternate OS on the same machine (set up with MacDrive so it can read my HFS+ media drives and KODI isn't the more wise for wear and accesses them exactly the same as from the Mac OS), but thus far it hasn't skipped on a song yet using Leia 18.3 and SMB3 (oddly video files have always seemed unaffected with MacOS serving; it's always just been music files that have an issue).  I fear Apple's home brew SMB has some kind of an issue in it.  I just tried disabling packet signing and directory sorting by database file (someone claimed this really speeds it up in MacOS), but it'll have to wait for another day to play a bunch of music files to test it (and Windows 10) as I have to work tomorrow.  I recently created a new database via NFS I can swap out as well to test music through that as well.

Will this work with Catalina?

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