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I've an issue with how kodi create album in the mediatheque. When there is an album with several artists kodi cut it in as many part as artist in it. How could I make Kodi to show only one album?
thnaks for the help!

I think you got no replies because your description has too many variables. You might start by showing a screen shot of the problem (upload to an img hoster and link from there).
@floreal13 the issue will be in the way you have tagged the music files. All the files for a compilation album need to have the same album title and either the same album artist e.g. "Various Artists" or no album artist tag. I suspect you have confused album artist and artist tags, but that is a guess without seeing how you have tagged the music files.

The other way to correct your tagging is to use Musicbrainz Picard

Why its not possible to have an album with several artists? There a lot of classical music albums with various artists and I want to keep these informations like track 1 ; vivaldi, track 2: bach, track 3, haendel...AND get only one album. I dont understand why it is not possible...

You can, but your problem is that your tags are wrong and that is why you are getting many entries for the same album.

Have a look at this screenshot below of a tag from one of my Various Artist/Compilation albums. Each track in the album uses the same Album Artist, Album Artist Sort Order and albumartists value in the tag. If you check the tags for each song in your album, you will see that they are either missing or they are not the same.

Have a read through here and it will explain how to tag your music files... Music_tagging (wiki)

The Music Library works by reading the Tags in the music file. It does not read filenames or folders.

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