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State of Audio DSP for Kodi 18 or 19 maybe
Hello all,

I'm follow all the evolution of audiodsp and today is not integrating for Kodi V18.
Is somebody work on this add-on ?
There is chance that AudioDSP are included on V19 ?

Thanks for someone answer.

I guess nobody works on AudioDSP. So it might not be in v19. Sorry I'm currently very busy and do not have the time to do further development for AudioDSP. It's still a big task to develop and integrate this feature. I hope I can continue to work on this feature in the future.
Latest news about AudioDSP and my libraries are available on Twitter.

Developers can follow me on Github.
All dsp related stuff has been removed from Kodi. To stop making people confused, I'd suggest to close this subform, because there is no any dsp in Kodi any longer. I see no point to discuss aobut non existing feature.
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State of Audio DSP for Kodi 18 or 19 maybe00