How to Edit MyVideos46.emm
My media NAS box died and consequently, I had to move hundreds of movies to a NAS box with a different name.

Rather than re-scrape all those movies, I'd hoped to be able to simple do a Find/Replace on the NAS box name in the MyVideos46.emm file.

I tried using Notepad to no avail.

Is there a way to modify the movie location text in the MyVideos46.emm file?

Thank you very much. Ember is awesome!
It's a SQLite database. You can use SQLite Browser or any other SQLite tool.
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Thanks for replying.

I'm not familiar with databases but did try using the FireFox extension "SQLite Manager" along with "DB Browser for SQLite".

Using DB Browser for SQLite to visually examine MyVideos46.emm, it looks like there are three database "tables" that contain one or more "fields" that need to be changed:
  1. the table "movielist" contains one field "MoviePath" that needs updating
  2. the table "movie" contains one field "MoviePath" that needs updating
  3. the table "moviesource" contains two fields "strName" and "strPath" that needs updating
In FireFox SQLite Manager, I then tried issuing the following command but got a "cannot modify movielist because it is a view".

UPDATE movielist SET MoviePath = REPLACE( MoviePath,'\\OLD_FILE_PATH','\\NEW_FILE_PATH');

Is there anyone that can help me with the proper SQLite command?
Also, once I've updated the MyVideos46.emm database, how do I "save" the changes?

I'm sure hoping someone can help me figure this out Confused
"movielist" and all other views/lists has not to be updatet.
That should be all you have to update ("D:\" has to be replaced with the old path, "Z:\" with the new one):

UPDATE movie SET MoviePath = replace(MoviePath,"D:\","Z:\"), EThumbsPath = replace(EThumbsPath, "D:\", "Z:\"), NfoPath = replace(NfoPath, "D:\", "Z:\"), TrailerPath = replace(TrailerPath, "D:\", "Z:\"), EFanartsPath = replace(EFanartsPath, "D:\", "Z:\"), ThemePath = replace(ThemePath, "D:\", "Z:\");
UPDATE tvshow SET TVShowPath = replace(TVShowPath,"D:\","Z:\"), NfoPath = replace(NfoPath, "D:\", "Z:\"), EFanartsPath = replace(EFanartsPath, "D:\", "Z:\"), ThemePath = replace(ThemePath, "D:\", "Z:\");
UPDATE episode SET NfoPath = replace(NfoPath, "D:\", "Z:\");
UPDATE art SET url = replace(url,"D:\","Z:\");
UPDATE files SET strFilename = replace(strFilename, "D:\", "Z:\");
UPDATE moviesource SET strPath = replace(strPath, "D:\", "Z:\");
UPDATE tvshowsource SET strPath = replace(strPath, "D:\", "Z:\");
UPDATE MoviesSubs SET Subs_Path = replace(Subs_Path, "D:\", "Z:\");
UPDATE TVSubs SET Subs_Path = replace(Subs_Path, "D:\", "Z:\");
UPDATE ExcludeDir SET Dirname = replace(Dirname, "D:\", "Z:\");
German Ember Media Manager Support

Daily Builds - Link
Latest official Ember-MM version - Ember Media Manager 1.4.x
Really appreciate the help on this.

For those who are like me and not familiar with working on databases, here are the steps I used in "DB Browser for SQLite".
  1. Open "MyVideos46.emm" - you'll have to select "All Files" from the drop-down menu in the open window.
  2. Click the "Execute SQL" tab.
  3. Modify each of Dan Cooper's ten lines changing D:\ and Z:\ with your specifics.
  4. Enter in each of the ten command lines, one at a time, into the top dialog box under the "Execute SQL" tab.
  5. While the line is still highlighted, press Shift-F5 to execute the line.
  6. Check that the line executed by reading the output in the bottom dialog box under the "Execute SQL" tab.
  7. When done executing all ten lines, click the "Write Changes" button followed by the "Close Database" button.
I'm off to make a donation to Ember for their software and help Smile
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