Waiting for server connection forever

Kodi 18.0 RC1 on Linux (LibreELEC 8.90.008)
DVBViewer Client
DVBViewer Recording Service

When recording service is not available and LE/Kodi is powered up, the message (waiting for TV server) and spinning wheel at the top right of the home screen does not disappear after some time, like it used to be with Kodi 17/LE 8.
It happens in 50/50 cases (the other half it disappears after a few seconds).

Again, does not look like a PVR issue to me. As it's working fine here (and at a lot of other user installations). Create a debug log and check if the PVR is connecting.
It's connecting immediately once I wake up DVB Viewer server box. Then there are messages displaying about loading channel list, EPG etc. And they disappear after a few seconds, as expected.
The problem is when DVB Viewer box is not available (asleep). The annoying message 'waiting for server' in 50% cases never disappears. Other 50% cases it times out waiting and disappears, like it was with Kodi 17.6.
It's not a network issue because I'm able to connect to NAS box and play movies etc.

I can 'workaround' this by enforcing WOL wake up of the DVB box in DVBViewer Client's options but I don't want DVB Viewer box to be woken up everytime I launch Kodi. Most cases I don't need this TV functionality everytime I launch Kodu. If I need to view Live TV or recordings in Kodi then I wake up DVB Viewer box manually using Advanced Wake On Lan plugin.
If Kodis PVR function is enabled Kodi will always trigger the PVR addon which tries to connect to the PVR backend. If the PVR addon is unable to reach the backend this information gets pushed back to Kodi. Kodi then displays a message in the UI (once).

However the message you are describing is another/different one. It's part of the PVR manager which is responsible for dispatching the PVR related functions in Kodi to the PVR addon. e.g. when you actually want to watch a channel, the PVR responsible for this channel has to be called. I (as the PVR author) do not display, neither do I hide this message.
It is possible that DVB is malfunctioning and needs to be repaired because the DVB box does not need to be awakened every time you start it, but also check if PVR is connected.
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