v18 Who can I thank for the radeon implementation?
I just want to share a story with a very happy ending. Wink

After finding out that kodi isn't supporting the free nvidia driver, manually patching the proprietary one to be compatible with recent kernels (thanks nvidia), I discovered strange jitter issues during video playback on v18.
No dropped frames, everything in sync.. yet this ultra annoying jitter especially on camera panning.

Played around with every possible setting, google just spew out a few threads with android users on ultra low spec devices.. figured v18 is more demanding and there's nothing I can do about it.

Tried to dust off some parts and finally broke the thing completely or maybe a fault just exposed when trying a cold boot for the first time after 3 years or something.

Went through my box of old parts and discovered an Athlon II 450 and a board with a Radeon HD3200 iGP.

Replaced parts, fired everything up and since I already knew those proprietary drivers probably have been abandoned aswell I didn't even look up the situation.

Out of sheer curiosity (maybe there is support for free drivers now?) I fired up kodi on the free radeon drivers.

BOOM, splash screen, holy shit. Big Grin

I instantly went to the rendering section of VideoPlayer and where formerly everything was greyed out I suddenly had 5 video acceleration options.

Checked everything, fire up my movie again.

All the jitters gone! Super smooth playback, instant jumping around, I was blown away.

I don't know how or where to thank the person who's responsible for this, thank you so much!
Primarily you have to thank AMD for supporting open source now. We don't have anything special in our code to support AMD Radeon.
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Who can I thank for the radeon implementation?00