Strange Kodi behaviour kicks me out only at late night and TV is off.
Hello everyone,

This is my first post and i say good morning to all members of this forum.

I need some help about a strange behavior of my raspberry pi 3 with Kody Krypton latest.

I can watch a live TV stream all day without any problem as i tweaked Kodi to function properly for streams.

But once i close my Samsung tv at night,  kodi strangely kicks me out sometime in the night !.

The next morning i take control of the Pi from my pc and reopen my channel again. Every night the same problem.

Is there some kind of special tweak i haven't noticed to stop nightly kickouts ??

thanks for your ideas and feedbacks.
So nobody seems to have the same problem ? 
Was i unspecific ?
When watching live TV has nobody  experienced kickouts  ? 

I start kodi on live channel at 10 am in the morning.   Kodi functions without problems until i shut down my TV at 11pm.
Next morning when i open my Tv ,  Kodi has kicked me out  and is back to the live tv "channel list". 
Why am i kicked out only at night when i am not watching TV?

Frustating ! ...really need help here
Good afternoon,

So, when you say ‘kick out’ you mean the stream is stopped?

I noticed the same thing with some setups.
Checked my cec settings and turned off actions on the player. This ‘fixed’ it.

What hardware do you use?Do you have cec functions enabled? If so, check the settings for your tv and kodi (settings-system-input- pheripherals).

:edit: removed blabbering
Thanks for your feedback.
Let me be more specific on my connections so you will understand better:

The raspberry pi 3 is connected to a digital modulator in HDMi and transforms the pi's signal in DVB-T terrestrial.
The modulator is "always ON" and is then connected to a multi switch that feeds 15 TV sets. (signal is amplified due to long cables)
Signal is perfect (HD Mpeg 4) in all the TV's but all the Samsung  are from the year 2009 so i don't think CEC works if i am not mistaken.
And i don't need CEC anyway as this facility is not possible with multi TV's in a building being fed by the same signal.

So if the Pi looses the stream (strangely always in the middle of the night) then all 15 TV's will stop seing the PI's Live channel... and they all see the Kodi channel list page instead.

Hope this helps to let you understand my problem.


Ah, ok.
So cec is off in kodi? If you dont use it i’d rule it out completely.

I think at this point a debug log (wiki) where the issue is reproduced should give more clues.
Is Kodi crashing/is there a crash log generated? @4ndreas and I have experienced crashing with tvheadend and vnsi as described here. Not sure if it's the same or a related issue, but our crashes also occur at night while not in use. See the link for a more complete explanation of how the crash occurs.
As far as i have understood there’s no crash. Just the tv stream stops at night always after turning off the tv
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Strange Kodi behaviour kicks me out only at late night and TV is off.00