Need remote for portable RPi media player
I'm putting together a RPi 3B+ running Kodi that my brother can take to his club to connect to a projector and show films and I need to find a decent remote to go with it.

It doesn't need a lot of buttons, D-Pad, transport controls (play, pause, stop, ff/rw), but I want at least two spare keys I can reassign, ideally coloured as it'll be easier to remember, one to toggle between full-screen video and GUI as I've accidentally backed out of a playing video and found it impossible to get back to it without such a button on several occasions, and another to jump to a specific menu.

He'll just be playing stuff from a USB stick (or maybe on the SD if there's room), so he won't be using any of the database features and will just need to go to the file manager and browse the USB/SD and select the film he wants to play each time. I'm not sure if I can edit the main menu to put a link to the file manager at the top but either way it will simplify things to have a button which goes straight there.

I've seen a few I've ruled out as unsuitable as they don't have a full complement of transport controls or any coloured buttons to reassign

This one might be OK. It doesn't have any coloured buttons but if I can assign the two at the top above the Home button to the purposes described then that will probably work. It's missing a Stop button but again if I can reassign the button above Play/Pause, that should be OK. It also has the advantage of a keyboard on the rear, which could come in handy if my brother wanted to show some Youtube videos but he might not even have WiFi/Internet access in the club so that's not a priority.

Will I be able to disable the gyromouse, at least in Kodi if not on the remote, as that would probably just be annoying? Also I guess it might be better if it was backlit, so are there any other better options that fit my criteria?
If you are happy with a tiny bit of hardware tinkering and have a spare IR remote from any old consumer device then a cheap TSOP connected to GPIO 18 and can be really helpful.

I have so many spare IR remotes from old satellite receivers, DVB-T tuner modules, DVD players etc. this is often my 'weapon of choice' for simple cheap Pi Zero players (the official case comes with a camera case-lid which is perfect to hot glue an IR receiver behind!), but no reason for it not to work on other models.

Otherwise have a look at RF or Bluetooth $6 eBay remotes?
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