v18 -  Several "defaultt" typos found
I noticed several "defaultt" typos in both Romanv's Kodistubs and xbmc's own code:


Is this deliberate?
I'm sure it's intended cause "default"  is usually a reserved word hence "defaultt"  is used
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I am certain this is going to break some older addons. Especially those which activate input dialogs with default strings.
hmm.. how can something that hasn't been changed break anything?
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default is a reserved keyword in C/C++ since forever so it is forbidden to use for custom names.
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(2018-12-10, 00:32)ronie Wrote: hmm.. how can something that hasn't been changed break anything?
 I thought it was changed recently because I was using Kodistubs for quite a while and the positional argument WAS "default" instead of the double t. But Kodistubs has been kept up to date thanks to an automated script by romanvm, so that's why it pulled this keyword.
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