Error view on DialogSelect / ChooseArt Button ID
Hi at All!

It's possible to modify the dialog about "chooseart"?
I mean the dialog which allow the user to see the various Poster/Fanart/Clearlogo image and select them from different sources?

I'm debugging a skin and i notice that the skin itself doesn't have the button to add an art category (usefull if we want to create manually clearlogo, banner etc...)

Otherwise, there's some kind of way by skin to create automatically various category of art for all the movies/tvshows?

Thanks in advance for any answer!
EDIT: Sorry misread. You need to add a button (id10) to DialogSelect.
The Dialog ur looking for is "DialogSelect.xml" the Buttons get there lables right from Kodi.

u'll finde the the needed button id's within the Skinning-Manual: SkinningManual-Link

Just to clarify perhaps, the movieinformation dialog in the past had different buttons (onclick action provided in core) for thumbs and fanarts, but now there is a single button id="10" for the "choose art".  That button launches a select dialog, and the only button on there for art is to cancel (close dialog window), id="7"  The select dialog lists currently existing arttypes and provides option to add new arttype, selecting an arttype opens a file browser dialog to assign a file or url to the arttype.

scott s.
maintainer of skin  Aeon MQ5 mods for post-Gotham Kodi releases:
Actually the Skin probably splitted the dialogs and not in a very correct way (as much i am able to see and test it)
    <defaultcontrol always="true">3</defaultcontrol>
    <onunload condition="!String.IsEmpty(Window(selectdialog).Property(Property))">Skin.SetString($INFO[Window(selectdialog).Property(Property),,.Label],$INFO[Window(selectdialog).Property(Label)])</onunload>
    <onunload condition="!String.IsEmpty(Window(selectdialog).Property(Property))">Skin.SetString($INFO[Window(selectdialog).Property(Property),,.Icon],$INFO[Window(selectdialog).Property(Icon)])</onunload>
    <onunload condition="!String.IsEmpty(Window(selectdialog).Property(Property))">ClearProperty(Label,selectdialog)</onunload>
    <onunload condition="!String.IsEmpty(Window(selectdialog).Property(Property))">ClearProperty(Icon,selectdialog)</onunload>
    <onunload condition="!String.IsEmpty(Window(selectdialog).Property(Property))">ClearProperty(Property,selectdialog)</onunload>
    <onunload condition="!String.IsEmpty(Window(Home).Property(metadata.actors))">ClearProperty(metadata.actors,home)</onunload>
    <onunload condition="!String.IsEmpty(Window(Home).Property(ChooseArt)) + !String.IsEmpty(Window(Home).Property(ChooseArtType))">SetProperty(ChooseArt,$INFO[Window(Home).Property(ChooseArtType)],Home)</onunload>
    <onunload condition="!String.IsEmpty(Window(Home).Property(ChooseArt)) + !String.IsEmpty(Window(Home).Property(ChooseArtType))">ClearProperty(ChooseArtType,Home)</onunload>
    <onunload condition="!String.IsEmpty(Window(Home).Property(ChooseArt)) + Container.Content(musicvideos) + !Window.Next(filebrowser)">ClearProperty(ChooseArt,Home)</onunload>
        <control type="group">
            <animation type="WindowOpen" condition="String.IsEmpty(Window(Home).Property(metadata.actors)) + [Window.IsVisible(progressdialog) | Window.IsVisible(smartplaylistrule) | Window.IsVisible(3003) | Window.IsVisible(mediafilter) | Window.IsVisible(addonsettings) | Window.IsVisible(SubtitleSearch)]" reversible="false">
                <effect type="fade" start="0" end="100" time="0" delay="300" />
            <animation type="WindowOpen" condition="Window.IsVisible(contextmenu) | !String.IsEmpty(Window(Home).Property(metadata.actors))" reversible="false">
                <effect type="fade" start="0" end="100" time="0" delay="550" />
            <include condition="String.IsEmpty(Window(Home).Property(ChooseArt)) + !Window.IsActive(fullscreenvideo) + !Window.IsActive(fullscreengame) + !Window.IsActive(visualisation)">DialogSelect</include>
            <include condition="String.IsEmpty(Window(Home).Property(ChooseArt)) + [Window.IsActive(fullscreenvideo) | Window.IsActive(fullscreengame) | Window.IsActive(visualisation)]">DialogSelectOSD</include>
        <include condition="!String.IsEmpty(Window(Home).Property(ChooseArt))">DialogSelectArt</include>

The most big problem i noticed with the skin (Xperience1080) is, for reason that i am still investigating, sometimes the dialog doesn't show up as expected:by looking the dialogselect file the creator probably wanted to create different select views/windows depending on the content we are about to see.
Usually this skin uses a sort of white popup dialog with a list of options (lets say that's the most common one when we need to select the exact name of an artist when we refresh so i assume it's always a select dialog) but strangely it show the dialog in a different way (i can say like a Thumbnail View) making impossible to select or to navigate correctly. The button to add new art categories exist (theorically) but cause of the wrong view the button isn't visible.
I wonder if it depends from the .previous window or view....

Wrong Window for Art select

Right Window for Art Select with button for Add Art Type/Category

Something in the code make it choose to use a wrong View instead of the right dialog
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