Problem with buttons inside <focusedlayout>

I had a problem in a list container, where the <focusedlayout> would be visible while a listitem had focus, and keep being visible until all "UnFocus" animations had ended. Needless to say, one of the controls in the focusedlayout had an "UnFocus" animation, making the entire <focusedlayout> stay visible until the animation was over for that control.

I then tried putting a button inside my <focusedlayout>, with a "texturenofocus" tag set the same as the <itemlayout>... And it worked! But when trying to add another button control in the <focusedlayout>, it does not appear. So my question is:

Can you only have one button inside a list layout and/ or is there any problem using buttons inside a list layout?

Thx in advance!
Buttons aren't really meant to be used in list controls.
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