v18 Hints for folder / naming scheme for TV shows
first of all, i've read this wiki page but it won't work: https://kodi.wiki/view/Naming_video_files/TV_shows

My library won't recognize the seasons of tv shows correctly.
i tried a folder tree like

blabla\blabla S01 DL 720p - abc
blabla\blabla S02 DL 1080p - def

so the naming my differ behind the "Sxx" part.
Is this the problem?
(2018-12-13, 00:54)SerialK Wrote: Is this the problem?
Quite likely, yes.

We thought we would keep things simple and logical.
This works for me all the time: The Show/Season 1/The Show - S01E01.ext

Why would you need to add the video resolution in the folder name (that metadata will be stored into the Kodi library anyway), and what is DL, abc or def supposed to represent?
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Hints for folder / naming scheme for TV shows0
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