Keeping track of watched TV series
Is there any way my watched TV series seasons stays in Kodi library, even after deleting them from hdd and using clean library function ?
Or some addon, which will automatically make database of last watched season ?
Thank you.
No, once you use the clean library function, it will clean the library entries if it cannot find the video files attached to that library entry.

I assume you are deleting to conserve space on your HDD's. So you could use dummy files.

Leave your TV Show folder in place.
Copy the name and extension of the episode file.
Delete the episode file.
Create an empty text file. Rename the txt file by pasting the name and extension of the original episode file.
Would be easier and quicker if you use a bulk renamer like Bulk Rename Utility.

Kodi thinks the file is there, but now you have a zero byte file that takes up next to no room on your HDD.

You could also use Media Stub Files... Media_stubs (wiki), but that requires changing the extension of the episode file, so makes it a bit more difficult keeping and reinstating your watched status. But can be done using Export facility.
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There are work-rounds for this, but keep in mind Kodi hides the watched/un-watched etc depending on your preferences. I suspect you're suggesting that when you physically delete a series to save room on your hard drive, the library still has the listings in reference? In that function, settings>media>videos>"show empty tv shows", Updating or removing videos (wiki) it's all in how you remove the videos, see the wiki.
It's a good idea using dummy files to fool Kodi, thank you :-)
As you mentioned, I want to free space on my NAS hdd. I watch quite a lot TV series and want to keep track of my last watched seasons directly inside Kodi.

Show empty tv show - what exactly does it do ? If I have just empty directory (let's say "Narcos Season 03"), it will stay in Kodi library even there are no files inside ? Even after using Clean library function ?
I created an account on a website where I can list all the TV-shows and movies I have ever seen. U can see how much hours you put into it also  Tongue  really cool.
I prefer to keep track of what shows I have watched.  I use Mythrecmaze to automatically record the shows I follow on TVmaze which is compatible with MythTV using Kodi.
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Trakt is what you're after. Install the addon in Kodi and then link your account.
Trakt looks interesting. I wonder, if it can automatically update episode status from kodi to trakt right after it is flagged as "watched" in kodi. And it keeps it like that even after they are deleted from hdd and kodi library is "cleaned".
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