Kodi Skin Bug?
Hi Guyz,

I´ve installed Kodi 18RC2 on my brand new Windows 10. It works so far, but i got a Problem with the Skins:
Issue: when i start a Movie, Kodi Shows the correct informations about the Movie in the Skin-bar (like Audio, Codec, DiskIcon...)
If i quit the Movie an i get back to the Movie-List, all those Movie-Information gone.
The bizzare thing is, all other Movies gets now exact the Information from the last started Movie.
For example: a blu-ray-Movie gets Infos from a UHD.
This Issues are avialable with all Standard Skins!

Kodi 17.6 works fine without any Skin Issues.

Is that a Bug in Kodi?
Debug log needed.
Hi Hitcher,

Thanx for your Help.
Here is the .log

iviqebaral.kodi (paste)
Any Idea?
(2018-12-14, 15:58)swipe0 Wrote: Hi Hitcher,
Use @Hitcher if you want to tickle him properly. Smile
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Unfortunately I don't have a clue. Might be something to do with the fact it's a BDMV folder.
Thank you for your replay.

Is maybe the issue located in FFmpeg?
Quote:ERROR: ffmpeg[19B0]: [h264] hardware accelerator failed to decode picture
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