Kodi + Transmission + Sonarr + Pihole 2Gb DS card

I had a dietpie install plus Kodi, Transmission, Sonarr and Pihole running on a 32Gb SD card. I wanted to free up this card and had a spare 2Gb one. I tried to install but I repeatedly got 'insufficient space' warnings. Eventually I managed to install Kodi, Transmission, Sonarr and PiHole on my SD card. I thought I'd share my method firstly to help others and secondly in case someone has advice on how to do this better. I like to install open SSH instead of Dropbear as I use WInSCP to connect to transfer files to and from the Pi.

1) Install dietpie on SD card from image using Win32disk imager (I suppose other software to write image to SD card will be fine)
2) Edit dietpi.txt so my network connects immediately (I used ethernet connnectiont, fixed IP as I want to run PiHole)
3) Insert SD card into Pi and finish initial install
4) Install Open SSh
5) Select Pihole from dietpie-Software -> install optiimised software list (sorry can't remember exact menu option)
This part is important. After installing each piece of software it is necessary to free up space so these commands must be run:
sudo apt-get autoremove
sudo apt-get clean
6) Select Transmission from Optimised software list, run clean up commands after installation
7) Select Sonarr from Optimised Software lsit, run clean up commands after installation
8) Select Kodi from Optimised Software list, run clean up commands after installation

Additionally I mounted a USB drive through the disk management menu option in dietpi-softare for transmission/sonarr to use.

Issues I've noticed:
1) As you probably know not all SD cards are created equal. A "large" 2Gb SD is needed. I first used one that showed as 1,931,264 kb. I could install everything, but Transmission wouldn't run. I then used and SD card that showed as 1,943,553 kb and everything is fine. You might need to expand the filesystem via the disk management option to maximise the use of your SD card.
2) If for any reason I need to reboot the Pi I must log in on the Pi as root before launching Kodi or Kodi will blackscreen. This means plugging a USB keyboard in and not using SSC or other remote method (if there is a remote method for logging in please let me know!). I have had to reboot only once since installation three weeks ago, this was because I chose to make some network changes, otherwise my installation has been stable.
3) I had to configure the default download location in Sonarr to /mnt/[USB name]/ as Transmission resets to the SD card on every reboot.

I hope this helps someone. I now have a Kodi box that also runs PiHole, can stream from my NAS storage and automatically downloads TV shows directly to a USB drive on a 2 Gb SD card.

Just wanted to comment that Sonarr NFO Files are not compatible with Kodi and will eventually break your library.
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