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So .. I am not sure if I am in the right spot, but here is what I am trying to do..

I want to open Kodi, go to 'Movies' and see the 'newest' movies of that time .. so every week or so it would be updating by itself, as well as TV Shows would show the newest episodes of each show by itself each week or even daily .. I don't mean for me to add my favorite movies or tv shows, just what is most recent ..  The closes thing I have found was Library Integration Tool but that requires me to go in and click the update button periodically ..

I am looking for something I can set up for someone else who doesn't know much about this and can have that nflix type feel and just see the most up to date shows and movies and not have to worry about updating it themselves, just have the info readily available
There are two add-ons listed here in section 3.3 that may do what you want...
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From what I can see is they only update what you manually add in to the library .. so if I add the new movies from today, next month they will still be the same, they won't remove last months and add the new movies.. atleast I can't get it to anyway.
Got it thanks
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