(imagem) Mangá
I believe the image library system is very good


but I can not say the same to read the manga


a zoom option would have to be placed to enlarge the image and an image system to continue.

today not all comics are like small leaves but rather large long leaves.

If you need an example I can leave
I don't use the Picture portion of Kodi very much, so I don't know if this will be suitable, but there seem to be zoom & pan controls available -- https://kodi.wiki/view/Pictures#Zooming_...n_Pictures
Thanks for showing me the zoom option.

now only need to put the system of continuous sheet and allow the zoom to begin with filling the sides, see the video example of something that does it well, in this video you will see that it opens in continuation the 11 pages of the manga.

I want to leave this opinion as a feedback for a new option new image session I do not know if I'm posting in the correct location otherwise I apologize
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