Having real trouble copying music mp3 files
Hi, I'm a newbie, who just installed Kodi on my pc. I have an Olive 4HD music server that is no longer supported by the manufacturer. It contains about 3000 CDs, many of them in high resolution. I have these music files on my computer Unfortunately this window is no longer available, so I need to find a way to import high resolution files to Olive. You can not import high-resolution files by burning them to a cdrw, but the import window was much simpler. After what I read on an Xbmc (or Kodi) olive forum, it could be a solution to this problem. Unfortunately I can not make it work, I have the two devices on my file manager and I can play the music on each of my PCs, but when I try to copy I get the message "failed to copy". Is this the wrong tool or am I doing wrong? Thx for any support or advice!
Sounds like a similar issue to what was discussed in this thread --> https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid...ight=olive

Have a read through there; I seem to recall a resolution was found in there.
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Having real trouble copying music mp3 files00