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Hi, Im having continual issues with Skin Helper Service coming up with two or three errors every time I start Kodi and then sporadically during use. Kodi has also started to slow down and then crash every 12 hours or so depending on use. Having found the error log I see there is a warning that the error can cause a memory leak so it is quite possibly the reason Kodi is falling over.

akuyuwicoc (paste)

First error is at line 1600 roughly.

The erros which pop up on the screen say "Skin Helper Service Backgrounds error" then "Skin Helper Service error" then "Skin Helper Service Backup Helper error".

I am using version 1.1.3 of the Skin Helper Service and 1.0.12 of the Skin Helper Service Backup Helper. The latter thinks it can be updated but it does not successfully update. I think there has been an issue as I installed Emby for Kodi which came with its own version of this (SHSBH) labelled v1.0.19 and now I can't get rid of it. I have uninstalled all Emby related stuff as far as I can see, and still it feels there is an update to be found.

I have tried updating the SHSBH add-on from a brand new zip file but it just crashes Kodi. Three times. I am next planning on uninstalling all of the skins which require the SHS and removing it entirely, and then see about adding them back incrementally, though not Emby again.

Unless someone has any idea as to why the crash is occurring?

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