Req Accessing .SRT file for Firestick installation of Kodi fails from Kodi UPnP server
I have installed Kodi 18.0 on a machine in my home office, I have installed another Kodi client on a Firestick in my lounge. 

All my digital movie files ripped from DVD'd or downloaded (Legally) are in a file folder with a compatible .srt file in the same folder or within a folder in the parent folder. When I watch movies or shows on the PC in the office the subtitles work as expected.

When I go to watch the same Movies/shows on the firestick in the lounge the subtitles wont load. I've tried browsing for them, but the .srt files don't show up during the browse.  

I've installed the recommended and Subscene addons but they seem to be unhappy with my naming conventions of my 'personally ripped movies and shows'. I imagine if i did a reverse search for the actual show and then renamed my ripped version to match, refreshed and tried again it might work... But shouldn't I be able to direct the Client to the .srt and have it work over my local network?

Am I doing something wrong? Is this an issue anyone else has run into and resolved? AM I a special kinda stupid and just doing it wrong? 

Please help.
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Accessing .SRT file for Firestick installation of Kodi fails from Kodi UPnP server00