Turn off Xbox 360 controller on Raspberry Pi
Does anyone know how to turn off an Xbox 360 controller on the Raspberry Pi? I'm using a nightly Milhouse build if that matters. I've tried holding down the guide button, but it doesn't do anything and I end up just taking the batteries out or leaving it to turn off on its own.

Thanks in advance.
It comes down to if the operating system driver supports this. Windows does. I don't think Linux does unfortunately. If you find open source code that turns the 360 controller off I can add it to Kodi.
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I'm not a developer, so please excuse my ignorance.

From what I can tell, the xpad driver in Libreelec supports "Power off wireless controllers on suspend." https://github.com/paroj/xpad/blob/master/xpad.c

Can that be utilized without the "suspend" part via software?
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Turn off Xbox 360 controller on Raspberry Pi00