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v18 18RC4 updating music library never finishes
macOS 10.14.2
  1. navigate to music section
  2. select update library from the left side menu
  3. update is happening, but it never finishes (in very single case I tried to reproduce this)
This has happened for a long time and is not limited to 18RC4. When then trying to force quit, kodi becomes unresponsive.
@Syncopation  obviously I need more to go one than that, please provide a link to a debug log Log_file (wiki).
Turn on debug, run a library update, paste the log file somewhere and then post a link here.
Here's the log (available 1 week, pw: kodi):

Here's the crash (available 1 week, pw: kodi):

Was a bit unsure what an expected time period for a music library update would be so waited a bit more than 5 minutes until force quitting kodi.
The time taken for a library update depends on a number of things:
  • the number of folders and files added to your library
  • the time taken to access these e.g. across LAN, drive read speed etc.
  • how many are new or have changed (different name/size/timestamp hash from previous scan)
  • if you are also fetching additional artist or album data from online sources at the same time (scraping is throttled to 1 request per sec)
  • Processor speed
  • A MySQL based db client server Kodi set up will also be slower than a local SQLite db

It is also a design feature (although I suspect it could be an accident) that you can not quit Kodi while it is scanning. You can of course cancel scanning from the side blade menu, but if scanning without any progress reporting ("in background" - actualy scanning is always a background task letting you browse and play music etc. while it happens, the setting just hides the progress bar) you may not realise that it is scanning.

[Reminder to self to create a "road map" issue to reconsider the design of what happens when user tries to quit Kodi during scanning]

The library update process checks all the folders that it has previously scanned into the library, some of these may no longer exist but Kodi still looks for them (music sources can be on removeable drives so the absence of a folder could be temporary).

So to your log. It shows a number of folders being checked and scanning skipped because the music files have not changed. It also shows some folders it can no currently find e.g ".../iTunes Media/Music/Bill Dobbins/'  and skips those. All as to be expected. But then it hits repeated CCurlFile errors
CCurlFile::Stat - Failed: SSL peer certificate or SSH remote key was not OK(51)
for paths like https://SANITIZED_IP:PORT/library/parts/100001/1206526657/

I don't recognise that kind of path naming, is it Plex related?

Anyway  failed curl access for folders takes time, and it looks like Kodi is still trying to work slowly through these inaccessible paths when you forced it to quit. If you removed <backgroundupdate> from advancedsettings.xml and did a library update with progress bar showing so you can see what is happening I believe it will complete, but it could take a while to do so.

But you also may want to either sort out access to wherever these folders are, or to drop that music source and clean the music library and thus avoid delaying library update looking at things it can't access.

That make sense to you? There have been changes to SSH and remote access security in Leia, although I am not clear on all the consequences, so if you need more help come back with specifics
Opting to resolve the CCUrlFile errors. The URLs are likely indeed Plex related. I had PlexKodiConnect plugin installed. Followed uninstall instructions from https://github.com/croneter/PlexKodiConn...odiConnect resulting in Kodi now crashing on every single launch.

Feels like the uninstall steps may have been more resolute than they should be?

Crash log (available 1 week):

Uninstalled Kodi and re-installed. Let's start from scratch and consider this closed. Thanks for looking into this and helping me out!
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