100 Best Movies of All Time (smartplaylist)
(2019-02-21, 20:04)bsoriano Wrote: @PatK, I have playlists (up to date as of 2018) with the winners in all categories except for shorts and documentaries. I also have a consolidated playlist. Please let me know if you would like me to post a link to them.

I am thinking about setting up nodes for this. Are you using tags for the categories or making nodes based on playlists?

Of course more the merrier, currently I have both tags and smart playlists for the Oscar winners, I find tags much easier (I don't have to exclude exceptions) and then set-up a Node off the library sub list as 'Collections' with a bit of art. I'll post the smart playlist for the Oscars update  in a minute. I don't as of yet have Oscar categories e.g. best actor, best cinematography etc.

If you do post, start a new thread, or run it off the Oscars thread; then users can search message titles for 'Smart Playlists'.
thanks for the awesome list, i didn't watch some of them and should watch later.
thank you for sharing such a nice collection.
They are indeed lots of good and epic movie, but how come they make this list. i mean the different kind of categories have distinct interest and it's hard to make a list that you can put all the movies in one. i have read the similar one in an app in apknite and they sorted the list differently, and i agreed at some points they were right, so i quite skeptical about the accuracy of the list
They are all great movies and especially the 1 spot! i will try to watch all of the film in teh next .......5 years
Might be time for Kodi users to start their own list of what we think is the best. I'm agreement with 70-80% of the list, but I think we can do better, I'd like to limit the list to the last 20 years, and forgo most of the war films. Almost everyone I talk with thinks the Oscar for best picture always goes to the wrong choice and in this list I'd like to exclude the 'winner', and make perhaps an under-dog list.

Love to see what your top ten are in the last 20.
Such a good job bro! That's what i need for every night since i broke up. Thanks a lot! Now i dont need to roam around top1apk to find an easy game or a dating app anymore.
Interstellar  Love
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