Commercial Skip broken in Kodi 18?
I reinstalled 18.0 official. When i went to the add-on browser i was able to install 2.4.4. When i loaded a recording with an edl with the first line as "4.00    12.10    3", Kodi played for 4 seconds, then skipped to 12.10. You can try enabling debug (settings -> system -> Logging -> Enable Debug Logging) in kodi, then starting the recording. The Kodi debug log should show Edl Loading information.

Here is an excerpt from my kodi debug log:

Let us know what you find.
So it seems to be an issue with the format of my edl files. I used yours and it works as expected. Mine are coming right from comskip so this is odd.

I seemingly can't get logging working. I turn on logging and go to the path shown on screen, but the log file isn't being updated. I deleted it, restarted kodi, and it hasn't recreated one. I'll have to try looking into that a bit more yet, but seems to be something on my side at least.
The Kodi log should be in %appdata%\kodi in windows and .kodi/temp in Linux I think.
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Commercial Skip broken in Kodi 18?00