Linux how to build a ZIP from source (GitHub: Heise Show, c't uplink)
 official kodi plug-ins for heise online and c't

howto build a zip?
just download the whole repository with "clone download" ... then you need to rezip the different folders into single zips i.e. and install it via addonmanager "install from zip file" done!
also thanks for the hint, didn't know there where an addon for heise
Doesn't work. Maybe I do something wrong? "Failed to install..."

git clone
cd heise-kodi/
zip /tmp/*
zip /tmp/*
zip /tmp/*
cd /tmp
scp *.zip [email protected]:/tmp

UPDATE: creating the ZIP file with Finder is working
did this with windows and total commander, no issue... not sure what linux zip does different.
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how to build a ZIP from source (GitHub: Heise Show, c't uplink)00