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Hello all, I guess at first I should apologise for making my first post in the forum a request. So, sorry about that.

Here is the request. I use Kodi as a front-end for TVheadend and in general it works well. One thing that I would love to see is a small improvement to the EPG.

Currently it is awkward to access channel groups. Is it possible to have these groups listed at the top of the EPG? Similar to UK sky for example?

So you would have let's say, sports, kids, or whatever your groups may be at the top of the screen whilst in EPG and you could scroll up and rotate through them. An example below:


I've seen a couple of threads that lean towards it but don't seem to have gone anywhere. I've also tried a couple of skins but none seem to offer this feature. I appreciate that a lot of support is given in your free time but I think this would be a really useful feature and would make the Kodi EPG much more wife/family friendly.
That layout is available in Leia on Estuary, the default skin.

Added in PR 13364
This is excellent! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction
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