Please Identify which addons are banned in rejected github bug reports
(2019-01-04, 21:08)yol Wrote:
(2018-12-30, 21:02)DarrenHill Wrote: The list is part of the forum rules(wiki) that everyone who signs up for an account here has to agree to abide by and accept.

That does not really apply to GitHub unfortunately.
(2018-12-30, 19:20)davel Wrote: As you have some code that is already matching these texts, and if you're going to automate things further, why does this make it more complicated to add the matched addons to the message (by which I assume you mean more unlikely to be done)?
Go on, do the thing properly. I know infrastructure work is unglamorous, but make life easier for those trying to help improve the product by reporting issues - please Smile
The automation part is actually only in my head right now, so this is just my personal opinion. In detail, I wouldn't automatically flag logs as invalid. It's also really difficult to do so because people can use all sorts of upload services etc. (not limited to for their logs. So it's not possible to have some generic code that downloads the log from a GH issue. My automation suggestion would be to have an automatic pre-defined message sent when an issue is labeled INVALID. Also, with including the specific add-ons in the message, we would actually be moving in the wrong direction as far as I am concerned. Because with that we are setting an incentive to *just remove those add-ons*, while what we want is preferably a clean install.      
I can understand why you might want to eliminate reports that include illegal addons, but by insisting on clean installs to reproduce issues you're surely going to alienate people from reporting issues.
Is there something inherently dangerous about the addon interfaces being able to corrupt Kodi, that makes a clean install preferable?
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