Is there a way to compile for android versions of SPMC?
I've tried to compile a jarvis version of pvr.mythtv, but it apparently just creates a linux version.  I've also tried using a pre-compiled version for rpi2, both don't seem to work, when I replace the files used by SPMC. 

Is there a precompiled version of the latest Jarvis version, or any instructions on how to compile it to be used with android?


Edit:  The error that's showing up on the log file when I try to replace with the pre-compiled rpi2 file is that there's something wrong with the DT_Hash, stating that it's for gnu.  Looking around it appears that it needs to be compiled for sysv instead, either using -Wl,--hash-style=sysv or -Wl,--hash-style=both.
Finally figured out somewhat how to do it correctly after some hours of trial and error.  Two issues though I have is that the file I ended up building is 13MB, while the one normally offered in the apk is only 1MB.  Not sure why, but perhaps I incorrectly configured things.  Also for some reason, I needed to include a copy of, that came with Android NDK, which I don't think other builds needed...  Anyways it appears to work, which is all I care about at this point, and for me working better than the older versions did.

I used these instructions with some editing here and there to make sure it was pulling jarvis build gits.  I probably should have just used Kodi's Jarvis git files, instead, since I just wanted to build the dependencies and not the whole thing.
Nice for succeeding. I will try myself. Also the latest jarvis sources of the addon doesn't need any kodi source to compile
For kodi Leia you won't need to make it yourself as it is bold and deployed automaticaly to the binary addon repository.
If you could provide easier instructions that would be great.  The reason why I used SPMC or Kodi to try building the mythtv addon is because I couldn't figure out how to use Android libraries (NDK/SDK) to build the thing.  Anyways I think there's still a bunch of people stuck using amlogic boxes and android, so being able to use SPMC is a must for those who need proper deinterlace and mythtv ver 29.
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Is there a way to compile for android versions of SPMC?00