v18 -  Skin with a "Wall" view that has smaller posters, more entries per row?
Does anyone have any recommendations for a skin that has something like Estuary's "Wall" view, but with more than six titles per row? I am using Kodi on a PC monitor, so everything is pretty huge.
Shameless self promotion: Wink

Rapier has a wall view with 5x14 posters (70 items).
Regular wall view is 3x8 posters (24 items).

[Image: 14w398x.png]

[Image: Rapier05.jpg]
Thanks, it's better than what I was hoping for.

Your repository wouldn't let me download the latest version, though. The previous version did manage to install.
Thanks for the kind words and support.

Repository v2.0.4 for Kodi Krypton and Leia?
v1.1.8 for older versions?

Which version of Kodi do you use?
I'm using Leia RC 4.

Rapier 11.2.24 can't install, but 11.2.18 does. I used the following repository:


I also noticed something weird after installing your skin: if I exit out of Kodi, I can't open the program again.

After troubleshooting through the Task Manager, I discovered it was Windows Defender SmartScreen, which is weird because I have that feature turned off in Windows 10.
You need repo v2.0.4 for Kodi Leia and latest Kodi nightly.

The other issue shouldn't be skin related at all.
Transparency has the mother of all wall views - 6 x 16.

I've the opposite issue. I just installed Leia rc5 about ten minutes ago. Looking for a different skin to use. Had been working on a build using Xonfluence, but could never get the Wall view looking the way I wanted. Modified the myvideonav.xml file so Wall view became the stock view. Issue was "My TV Shows" wall looked nice. Evenly spaced thumbnails with TV show names below. The movie Wall wasn't so great. Smaller thumbs, no titles below and many of the thumbnail artwork was missing so I'd have to right click and go to info just so I knew what was taking up a space. 

I'm really busy at work right now, so going through lines of xml code to fix this and other issues isn't an option right now. We get slower in the summer so less overtime I can work on that later. But for now, what's a good skin that has Wall as a stock view, or easily changed to it. Of note, when I changed that myvideonav file, it also changed how I see TV episodes. I had had infoview with estuary as stock, but once I changed to Wall as stock view, I'd have to change each year of each TV show of my entire collection. With a family of 3, that's over 200 TV shows some spanning 10 years or more per show. I need to control this too.
(2019-01-13, 21:29)jayv2251 Wrote: But for now, what's a good skin that has Wall as a stock view, or easily changed to it.

Check out Pellucid. Skin has a grid of posters for both movies and tv shows and that's it.
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