v18 Fedora 29 Mate Compiz Spin x64 - ir-keytables RC6/MCE remote stopped fully working?
Spec as per above.....

Have been running ir-keytables (NOT lirc) with Kodi fine for a couple of years I guess.

Suddenly a little while back not all my remote control inputs were working.

Direction movement buttons work, but things like volume, enter, menu and quite a few others just stopped.

I've read a couple of posting here about lirc issues, but I'm not running lirc and don't want to go back to it if I can avoid that.

ir-keymaps -t(est) shows ALL the correct responses to all the button presses I would hope to see and my kodi keytable should interpret them correctly.

I think this may be an issue with the Mate Compiz DE 'intercepting' some of the remote control keys as the media key on the remote now starts a music player on the desktop (where'as previously it was mapped to something else).

I was hoping I would get the time over the Christmas break to sit down and work out exactly why this was happening (google isn't particularly helpful as the word remote makes it seem to be obsessively compulsively interpreting as me wanting to do something with screen remote control).

So I thought I could post here and hopefully someone could point me at something that is obvious and I just cannot see.

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Fedora 29 Mate Compiz Spin x64 - ir-keytables RC6/MCE remote stopped fully working?0
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