Add-on not connecting to my ftp

I'm currently working on my own first youtube add-on and have setup my filezilla ftp server. I've tested the server using my external IP and it works well. However, while on kodi application my video add-on would not load. Believe it is not able to navigate to the files in my ftp site resulting in an error msg. It returns with the following error: "A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time".

When I changed my url to my local host IP the addon works fine, but the problem arises when I change my url to my external IP(DNS).
I have also tried updating with my firewall turned off but no difference.

Not sure where to even start debugging. Any advice would greatly help. My Error log can be found in the link below:

kimorimiye.kodi (paste)

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ftp protocol is sometimes tricky as it may use so called Active mode for making a connection (client connects to server and then server connects back to client). This obviously fails if it goes through NAT/firewall without a proper support for ftp sessions. Alternatively, ftp can use Passive mode to establish connection (client only connects to server and exchange any two-way data).
Since, from your description, I can't imagine what your network setup is (for example if you're using a NAT loopback on your router or not), it is hard to tell what the root cause is. But maybe it is worth to look at the way the connection is established.
Odroid C2; Libreelec 9.0.0
ok, Thanks. I'll double check my connection setups. Currently I have it setup as passive mode. But I suspect it got something to do with Kodi setup as my ftp works fine on other devices. I'm able to view my xml files from my phone browser via ftp.
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Add-on not connecting to my ftp00