Filmon PVR not playing
I use an RPi 3 with Libreelec.

The Filmon PVR was working OK and able to load channels from the guide (but not twice unless you waited an hour or so).

I decided to do a clean up of my installation and started from scratch.

Now the PVR logs into Filmon, loads my channels but sometimes you have to reboot a couple of times to get the guide to load.

The guide displays correctly but no channels will load, the system cycles for awhile then simply returns to the guide. No error messages are displayed. Before rebuild this only used to happen when you tried to return to a channel that you had been watching.

Anyone experiencing the same problem.
Tested on the same platform.  FilmOn PVR client seems broken now (but some of the channels dont work on the web site either.)

There is no repository link in the wiki (which probably means this PVR client has been abandoned)
Add-on:FilmOn_PVR_Client (wiki)
Thanks for doing a test and confirming my fears.

I am surprised that there have not been more reports of the problem.

Any ideas on another source for a Filmon TV guide?
Quote:I am surprised that there have not been more reports of the problem.
Yes it is a surprise!  I thought more people were using this.
Quote:Any ideas on another source for a Filmon TV guide?
I think there is a working add-on, but no other guide or PVR client.  Which channels did you need guide data for?
I currently use the Filmon addon to watch UK programs. The PVR still loads the channel guide, I just have to keep switching between which is a bit of a pain.
I have found the fix.

I selected VideoPlayer InputStream from the LibreELEC repository and installed InputStream Adaptive and RTMP addons.

The PVR now runs perfectly.
Thanks, I got it working... with a few issues:
  • Many channels in the FilmOn web site are incorrectly marked as live
  • Many channels are broken
  • My FilmOn channels in Kodi will randomly stop working
  • EPG data for some working channels is missing
  • Sometimes FilmOn PVR client gets stuck loading guide data for BBC news
  • The FilmOn Windows desktop application seems totally broken
I don’t use the FilmOn web site so I cannot comment on whther the channels I watch are marked live or not.

My selected channels for the PVR work OK which could mean that I have not chosen broken links.

My streams usually work well but can buffer at peak times, I suspect that the FilmOn servers are overloaded at the time.

I agree that the guide sometimes fails to load and usually hangs on Channel 4 for me. I simply do a reboot and it works although occasionaly I have to reboot a couple of times. I find it better not to turn the Rpi off. We often get power cuts here and the PVR invariably fails to reload properly and it can be a little frustrationg to have to reboot.

Again I cannot comment on the Windows Desktop application as since I updated to Windows 10 I cannot get any sound (from any app) to play. No Microsoft or HP fixes work so I only use the laptop for office work.

My wife is now happy that she can watch TV using a friendly service which, in turn, means that I can get on with what I want to do.
(2019-01-30, 15:44)Parajitos Wrote: We often get power cuts here and the PVR invariably fails to reload properly
With occasional Kodi crashes or power cuts my disk structure often gets corrupted and Kodi behaves erratically until I remove the SD card and perform a disk repair on the Kodi partition.  I hope someday LibreELEC will support automatic disk checking and repair at boot.
I can get 3 or 4 power cuts a day and have never had a corrupted SD card. I have often considered buying a small UPS but keep putting off the decision.
I have tried this but still only get a sort of split second flicker on the screen as if something tried to open but failed, and then back to the guide screen. I need my UK channels ☹️
@Mo85 - If you mean that a channel is not playing, did you verify that it works on the web site first
Hey there,

I have recently tried to get the Filmon PVR working on my system ( coreelec ) to watch UK Live tv. I have allready subscribed to a membership to watch the channels in HD and get rid of the time restriction. When i stumbeld across the FilmOn PVR addon is was super happy at first but figured out that it does not work. as described here earlier the bahaviour is as follows :

Signed in with the Film On Account
picked channels as favorites
trying to start the channel

kodi then tries to start the stream for 1 second and then ends it agin. Is FilmOn an illegal source ? for me it seems strange that there is not working addoin currently available for that service. If that can be explained i am willing to listen to it.
Thank you.

So here is an update on the situation. I got the pvr working on my Kodi installation on my PC. Therefore I had to enable the rtmp plug-in. Trying that on the coreelec system caused it to crash. So I'll will seek help with the coreelec team.
(2019-10-28, 21:16)cha0skind Wrote: Is FilmOn an illegal source ? 
FilmOn does not pirate any pay channels, but some free channels in the USA resist independent redistribution anyway, for inexplicable reasons.  The USA channels are already broadcast over the air and on the internet for free in many markets, and FilmOn merely aggregates them in one user interface.
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