Make Control Group visible after tap on touchscreen
Hi all,

I created a custom skin based on Estouchy to provide bigger buttons on the Player Controls.
I will be using this skin on a project where I am integrating a 5" Touchscreen.

I wanted to have the Controls to fade away after 5 seconds of inactivity, so I created this in IncludesPlayerControls.xml:
    <animation effect="fade" time="400">VisibleChange</animation>
on the appropriate Control group.

Now my problem is this: How can I get the controls visible when I tap on the screen?
I am missing something obvious I fear, maybe someone can help?

Thanks in advance!
Try -

<animation effect="fade" time="400" end="0" start="100" condition="System.IdleTime(5)">Conditional</animation>
Thanks a lot - that is a neat tip for doing the animation in a clean way.
It does not seem to solve my problem though: The controls remain hidden and I can not bring them back.
I can actually tap on them and they perform their task (like play, pause or stop) but I can not see them.
How can I get them visible again?
Not sure to be honest because the system isn't idle if you do something so they should appear.
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Make Control Group visible after tap on touchscreen00